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dog valentines day

5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Dog

The 14th Of February – Dog Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Dog

Take a Long Walk. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day with your dog than sharing some quality bonding time? Take your dog for a nice long walk in the neighborhood or bring them to a dog park or fenced-in off-leash area to run around. If the weather’s warm enough, you could even go hiking with your dog. It’s a great way for your dog to get some exercise and have fun.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks. Another way to bond with your dog and show some appreciation on Valentine’s Day is by teaching them a new trick. You can easily teach your dog tricks like shaking hands, crawling, fetching, rollover, and even kissing. Training treats that your dog loves are a great way to teach your dog tricks through positive reward training. Dogs who learn enough tricks can ultimately earn their AKC Trick Dog title.

Give Your Dog a Gift. Valentine’s Day is prime for gift-giving, but what’s a dog to do with flowers or jewelry? Instead, consider pup-appropriate presents like a new toy, bed, or dog valentines day outfit. Your dog may not understand the reason for the gift, but they’ll likely love it no matter what since it came from their favorite human. Plus, you can be reasonably sure your dog valentines day present won’t get re-gifted.

Valentines Dog Clothes

Here are the best 2 pieces of valentines dog clothes your dog will surely love:

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Get Them Groomed. Some dogs may not like being groomed, but many dogs love it. A professional dog grooming session is a great way to splurge on or spoil your pup, but there are also at-home grooming options if your dog isn’t into traveling to the groomer. At the very least, a good brushing and a quick bath are excellent ways to keep your pet fresh this Valentine’s Day.

Treat Your Dog Right. Anyone who’s seen a ravenous pup devour their dinner can confirm that dogs love to eat. Treats are a great way to provide mental stimulation via training while showing your dog some love in the process. Sure, giving treats might be something you do every day anyway. But, if treats are what your dog loves, who are you to deny them on this day dedicated to love?

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