car shaped pet bedcar shaped pet bed

Pink Lambo Car Shaped Pet Bed



Car Shaped Pet Bed

Vroom Vroom! Our Pink Lambo Car Shaped Pet Bed is the perfect race car dog bed for any pup that likes luxury and opulence. This sports car dog bed will have your puppy snoozing in style. You can easily park the pink dog bed inside of your house so don’t wait and give your dog the best dog gift ever and you can both relax in style!


  • Car shaped pet bed
  • Pink car dog bed
  • Material: Cotton + fleece
  • Removable cushion
  • Antiskid bottom
  • Pink color
  • Dog bed size: L x W x H: 28.3″ x 19.6″ x 11.8″ (72 x 50 x 30cm)
  • Interior size: L x W: 13.4″ x 9.9″ (34 x 25cm)

car shaped pet bed

Pink Car Dog Bed

This pink car dog bed is made from ultra-comfortable fleece and cotton fabric. Supreme Dog Garage always uses eco-friendly materials. You can easily wash this lambo dog bed in a washing machine, and then directly dry it in a dryer.

We offer this car-shaped pet bed in 1 size for small to medium-sized dogs, such as Schnauzer, Frenchie, Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, Pomeranian, Pug, Maltese, etc.

pink car dog bed

Pink Dog Beds

You can get this inspired by lamborghini dog bed in pink color. A cute sports car design with removable pillows for easy cleaning, providing soft and comfortable accommodation for your dogs. On Supreme Dog Garage, you can find also other race car dog beds.

Shop this pink race car dog bed that is modeled after a classic luxury sedan that will have your puppy snoozing in style.

race car dog bed

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